Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DIY Bike Rack and Organization

I don't know about your garage but ours is a mess but now after our DIY project it is a little less messy. 

After the move the garage was the place we put everything we had no room for or just did not want in the new house. Not only do we store that mess but it is also home to our kids bikes. 

The bikes have become a huge obstacle in this garage.  With no specific place for the bike to "belong" they always ended up thrown down and piled up on the garage floor blocking the entrance and all access to the garage.

It was time to do something about it...it was time for a DIY bike rack and a little creative organization.

The Bike Rack

Find the perfect spot for the bike rack:

We wanted our bike rack to hold 7 bikes.
Materials we used: two 10 foot 2x4's for the ends and four 8 foot 2x6's for the tire braces
We cut the 2x4's ends to desired length.
We figured out spacing for tire braces.
 We cut tire braces to 20"
 We screwed spacers to ends with a 2.25" space.
 The final step, stain. I have never worked with stain before and I was not happy at all with the way it looked when going on.  If this happens to you don't worry it will look SOOOO much better when that stain dries.  It looks GREAT now!

Still wet and I was not happy with the look however after this stain dried it looked great.

The Creative Organization:

With the bike rack complete it was now time to make name tag labels for everyone's bike spot.  This is VERY important at our house.  Everyone NEEDS their very own place and there is NO SWAPPING PLACES once they are picked.

We went to the Dollar Store and pick up a few art supplies and art canvas and the kids went to work.

The Finished Product:

With all the bikes placed in their spots on the rack we added their name tags and a hook for each kids helmet.  A white wire shelf and a few storage bags were added for extra helmets, bike extras and kids toys.

I'm very happy with our finished look

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