Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finding The Perfect Door Colour

Finding the perfect door colour could be a challenge.

I did not mind our old door colour, I thought that it was nice however my husband HATED IT!

He is colour blind, he can't see the "true" colours of red and green or any colours that have red or green in them and that had a huge impact on why he hated the front door.  To him every time he pulled up to the front of our house he was looking at a bright PINKish door...YUCK!

So I decided with our face-lift/make-over of the front yard the front door would get a fresh coat of paint, one that my husband could see and would LOVE.

We were looking for a colour that would complement the brick and the already painted garage doors but that did not blend in. We wanted a fresh, contrasting colour to welcome our guests and of course a colour that my husband was able to see and enjoy just like the rest of us.

These are the choices I came up with:

Paint Colour SW6251 Outerspace Sherwin Williams

 Paint Colour SW6689 Overjoy Sherwin Williams

So how did I make the decision?

I went to PicMonkey of course!

I took a photo of the front of the house, downloaded it onto PicMonkey and then I clicked on the sticker editor.  I chose the rectangle shaped sticker, arranged and placed it over the front door.  I then changed the colour as best I could to match my choice colours (shown above) and I faded it just a little so the door details would come through.  I did this for each colour, saved them and made a collage with my saved pictures.

Here is my finished product:

 Using PicMonkey really helped me see what the colour would actual look like when I fished painting.

and I have made my choice...

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  1. it is also good to know where the sun is, This does play a major role in colour selection.


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