Wednesday, August 15, 2012

De-Golding, A Light Upgrade From A Friend

A little upgrade at a wonderful price makes me happy. 

Living in our new house we are surrounded by shinny brass, gold painted everything and golden accents.  Connor says he loves all the gold because it makes us look rich.  Silly kid! 

One of my goals is to de-gold this house and when I can de-gold at a great price that makes me feel so happy.  I have been looking for new outside lights for a while now to replace the old black & brass ones.  I have not really found any that I loved...for the RIGHT price.  It is so hard to spend money on outside little things when there is so much inside big things to do.

However thankfully for us, our friends had a set of great lights with NO BRASS for a great price, we could not resist.

Our old lights

New lights

Next on the TO DO list:
Finish painting font door, this has been a loooong project
Find the perfect chairs for the front porch at a great price
Install a new door knocker, we just ordered one online :)
De-gold the address sign
Finish our front landscaping with our surprise rock that we are waiting to be finished

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