Friday, August 24, 2012

Painting OUT OF THE BOX (or closet in this case)

We have been working on some really fun projects for Kailyn's room.

Of course it is not all cute rainbows, bright colours and butterflies when painting and decorating a very stubborn, very independent and mature 15 year old's bedroom.

Picking the paint colour was a little more difficult, but after much debate we found one we both could agree on.
Once I started painting I really liked the colour especially against the white trim in her room, so much so, I got a crazy idea.  I thought the more the merrier and I started to paint out her closet doors.

Directly across from her closet wall we have a mural and a very fun headboard, makeup table and side table made of concrete going in.  SOOO we wanted that wall to be the focus in the room.  We are also placing a tall dresser on the same wall of the closet and I just did not like the look, it was too broken up for my liking with the white doors on the closet.  

So I went for it...

BEFORE: As you can see my before is a little after the fact but it was a millisecond thought and I just went with it.  I don't like to over think things most times.

STARTING: Truth be told, I was freaking out a bit at this point!  However the great thing about paint is that it is ONLY PAINT and you can repaint if needed.

Really freaking out at this point.

BUT, VERY HAPPY with the end result and most importantly Kailyn liked it too.

As you see I left her baseboards white.  I just painted the moldings around the closet and the doors.


Tip #1.
If you have carpet on the floor use a clear piece of packing tape. I first tried painters tape, it was too thin and flimsy and was not sticking good to the carpet.  A drop cloth will not do.  With the thick packing tape you are able to push down into the carpet and tape into the small space between the carpet and the molding.  This allows you to paint the molding right past the carpet without getting any paint on the carpet. 

 Perfectly paint on the carpet.

Tip #2
When painting the closet doors don't forget the space in between the doors or at the end of the doors.  You don't want it to look unfinished when someone opens the door.

 Much better and finished!
Tip #3
I really like to paint doors with the small foam rollers for projects like this. I first trace out the squares with a paint brush and then finish painting with the foam roller.  They are easy to roll, they get into all the the groves and it is a little more fun...I think!

A couple of really cool door knobs and walla, a closet fit for a very stubborn, very independent and mature 15 year old's bedroom.    

I can't wait until this room is finished!!

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