Friday, August 17, 2012

Shut The Front Door

Well, if you have been following along on our little journey you will know that we are trying to finish up the front yard's face lift...BEFORE THE WINTER. 

Who knew it was going to take this long?

Our next project was to paint the front door. 

Colour was chosen   We went with Sherwin Williams Outer space.

I started painting the window frames around the door first, then cutting in with a brush painting all the  squares and areas that a roller would have trouble getting into and covering well.  Once that was done I used a little foam rolling brush to complete the job. 

 After the door was painted and a few days past it was time for some new hardware.  As you may know we are de-golding this house so the old door hardware HAD to go.  FYI door hardware is not cheap however it makes such a huge difference.

 It may look and sound easy ("Oh, lets just pop out the old hardware and put in the new stuff") but it really took some time and just a little frustration.
 But it was so worth the time and work.

 I love the new colour and hardware.  It makes the entrance feel a lot more welcoming and calming and trust me with a house full of screaming kids you need that little bit of serenity before you walk in the door of this house.
 Only a few more to-do's (new chairs for the porch, our surprise for a rock and a new door knocker) and the Front Yard Face Lift will be complete. 

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  1. Love the hardware! It is very similar to ours:)Just recently started following your blog and loving it!


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