Sunday, July 15, 2012

Let The Fun Begin With A Blue & White Bedroom

It's been a while but we are finally on our way to making this house our home.  It was a paint sale at Rona that got us rolling on project #1.

Subject: Kylie
Age: 8
Favorite Colour: Blue
Location: Her Bedroom

We started with a paint colour, when decorating a bedroom I usually like to start with the bedding.  It is much easier to match paint colour to bedding then to match bedding to a paint colour.  However like I said there was a sale at Rona and we just HAD to buy :) SO, PAINT COLOUR FIRST IT WAS.


image from myperfectcolour
SICO Paint: NORTHER WASH, egg shell finish.  Sherwin Williams colour. 

The Before:
Plain walls.

Old owners window treatments and odds & ends from the move.

No personality to the space at all.

We decided to keep all furniture the unfortunate budget necessity.  With a good scrub and a Magic Eraser Kylie's bed, dresser and desk looked as good as new...almost!

Let The Painting Begin:
Using painters tape on my side of the room to tape off ceiling.

I prefer to tape off the ceiling to get a crisp clean line on top but I like to cut in by hand along the baseboards.  My husband on the other hand hates using painters tape.  So half the room I taped the ceiling and the other half was done without (just cutting in by hand) and actually I don't see any difference at all, mind you both sides have their tiny mistakes but that is our house anyways!

One wall down!

Once the walls were complete and the furniture arrangement agreed upon it was time to dress up the space.  We spent a whole afternoon shopping for wall decor or the "BLING".  I prefer to do all my decor shopping at once, of course if possible.  This way I'm able to compare colours and finishes so to get the perfect look.  It also helps me stay on budget.  If I can see everything that I have bought for that room all at once I'm less likely to buy that one...or ten extra little somethings .  There is nothing worse then finding a piece you LOVE only to return it because of a colour difference or because there is just NO ROOM for it.  If you are unable to shop all at once my helpful tip is to take a picture of all the other "bling" that you have purchased for that room on your phone so your able to take a quick peek while shopping making comparing and staying on budget a little easier.

We had the wall colour, we had the furniture the very next item on my list was bedding.  We looked for a good 2 hours driving from store to store with no luck.  I find bedding helps to give me direction when decorating a bedroom, without out it I was lost.  The only thought in my head was until we find bedding Blue & White will be our theme.

We gave up on the hunt and began our search for the BLING.


Navy Blue shelves $26.99 and a mini Hourglass $2.99 from Bouclair.  Kylie made the Kitty Bank and Canada art/change purse was purchased on a vacation.

Floating Flowers $24.00 from Home Outfitters. Kitty Poster...A MUST HAVE demand from Kylie previously purchased at a book fair and promised to be added to her room once we decorated.  This promise I was sure she had forgotten...not my Kylie! 

Blue & White Clock $14.99 and White Bodice decor accessory (below) $16.99 from HomeSense 

Desk Chair $40.00 from BMR Le Groupe

We painted previously owned shelves white $0 and decorated with some of Kylie's art work and other things I found around the house $0.  

A small flat screen t.v. that hung in our previous kitchen $0, a lamp bought in Thailand from her uncle $?, a floating shelf $8.49 from BMR Le Groupe and previously owned D.V.D player $0.

Desk Lamp $15.97 from Zellers
4 hours of shopping, kids calling "when are you coming home?" and a budget shrinking by the minute and FINALLY we found it, the bedding from Zellers. It was our last hope and it was where we found this great desk lamp (see above picture)


A prefect dark jean duvet set with pillow sham.  You can't see it in this picture but the duvet cover has a simple yet prefect framed detail boarder making it's way around the bed.

Duvet set with pillow sham $47.99 light blue sheet set $27.97 from Zellers.  Little white side table $24.00 from Winners.

(BTW I'm still on the hunt for some great CHEAP decorative pillows to dress the bed...keeping my eye out.)


I added a little heart sticker to the front of the desk as per Kylie's request.
Wicker chair (previously owned) was added as an after thought but it gives her a little place to sit and read


We had a little fun with Kylie and would not let her in the room until everything was done.  She knew the wall colour, she knew the furniture BUT she was shocked and LOVED everything that we did.

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