Sunday, July 29, 2012

All The Pretty Flowers

Gardening is NOT one of my strong suits.  I begged my husband over and over to hire a trained/professional landscaper to come and work on this project.  However being such a small project and the limited amount of money we wanted to spend...I'm sure no landscaper would have touch this job.

So we got down and dirty in the garden...

How We Picked Our Flowers  

I started with my colour combination.  We had plenty of evergreen existing, actually too many we took one out.  I wanted a lot of colour but I was also trying to do something with the fire hydrant which is yellow and blue.  So...yellows with shades of blues and purples is the direction I wanted to go. However I did find one flower that did not fit into that scheme BUT I just had to have it.  We also had some pre-existing  flowers that to did not fit the colour combo that I went with but I think they all will add that little POP that a garden needs.

First thing I learned shopping for my flowers were there are A LOT of yellow not so much, that is why I needed to bring in the purple.  Second thing that we learned July is a great time to buy your flowers if you are trying to save money, all of our flowers were 40-50 % off...Great Deals!

Down and Dirty Tips

The information that comes on the tag of the flower is SOOO important when purchasing your flowers.  We wanted to make sure that we had all different shapes and heights within our flower beds and the info on the tags really helped us out with this.  You purchase these sweet little flowers however some of these "little flowers" grow into huge flowering bushes, you want to make sure you have room for them when they have matured.  Also very important, know the exposure tolerance for the flowers/plants.  There is no point wasting your money and time just to plant a flower in the full blown sun when it's exposure is part sun...NO MATTER HOW NICE IT LOOKS! We learned this the hard way!  We had to make a couple adjustment with our layout after we finished planting because a few of our flowers were not doing very well as they were in the wrong sun exposure.

Our Flowers
#1. 3 Yellow Daylilys
#2. 2 Moonbeam Coreopsis
#3. 3 Blue Clips Bellflowers
#4. 2 Jack Frost Brunnera
#5. 2 Lime Rickey Coral Bells
#6. 1 Ajuga tenorii (chocolate chip) Begleweed
#7. 1 Dwarf Bearded Iris
#8. 2 Blue Ice Blue Star
#9. 1 Hybrid Cowslip Primrose
#10. 1 Rhododendron
#11. 1 Cushion Spurge
#12. 1 Russian Sage
#13. 1 Goldwell Creeping Speedwell
#14. 1 Lavandula Stoechas (Boysenberry Ruffles)

Other Front Yard pictures and blog post  A Face Lift For The Front Yard

We purchased our flowers from Cedarhurst Landscaping LTD  and Zehrs Gardening Center.

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