Sunday, October 13, 2013

Two Boys Two Beds...The Bunk Beds

It's Connor's birthday and for his 12th he asked for a bedroom-redo. I guess with all this new paint happening around here he wanted to get in on the action.

Since we moved in almost 2 years ago we have re-done both his older sister's room
(you can click the links on those to check them out)

Purple and Concrete, a bedroom make-over

Let The Fun Begin With A Blue And White Bedroom

He really didn't have any requests EXCEPT Bunk Beds.  He shares a room with his younger brother and they both really wanted them.  Of course, I jumped right on Kijiji to see just how much this was going to run me.  However the husband had something else in mind. He wanted to build them so we searched the internet for some inspirations.

And we found this:
It's a pin on one of my boards however the link brings me to a recipe blog (I would love to link up if anyone finds it)

  And that's how this all started :)
 Entertainment center/dresser.  Connor always wanted the old Xbox that was stored in the basement (that nobody ever played with) in his room. So that was a must on our list too: 1. Place for the bunk beds and 2. Place for the Xbox.

The paint we had :) The light blue is from his sister's room, Norther Wash and the dark blue called Secure Blue is actually from his old bedroom in a  house we once lived in. This was such a bonus, paint is soooo expensive.

The dresser was Connor's before and really just works perfectly for what we needed.

The chairs were on sale at JYSK for $5.  They had a few rust marks on them but I just spray painted over them and they are perfect. Also, we picked up the perfect window treatments at JYSK for $12...and it was super easy to hang.

Much of the accent/decor pieces are from my father, things he has had sitting in his garage/man cave for years.  Connor and him love to hang out outdoors, do a little fishing and maybe in a few years some hunting...the time that they spend together is so precious and this whole room reminds him of these moments every time he walks in the room.

A HOW-TO will be posted in the coming day :)

My husband built the bunk beds and stairs.  I will be posting a blog and linking back here with a how to build.

We used drop cloth both inside and out to line the structure.

There is a shelf at the head of the bunk in each bunk and a light.

Computer center.

Shelf purchased at HomeSense for $23
Gun rack from my dad and I spray painted it. Now hanging all his fishing rods

An old deer head toy that I recovered with burlap.

 My dad called me one morning telling me we saw 3 old crates siting outside of someones home and he went back to get them for me...and so so happy he did.  They make the perfect shelves for this room.


 And that's it's. So happy this room is done.  It really took a lot longer then I thought it was going to. Check back for link ups for the How To's.

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