Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kijiji To The Rescue

Now that my front entrance was looking fresh and new  all done on a budget ;) There were a few loose ends I wanted to finish up.

 I painted our back family room doors Seal Skin, same colour as our stairway. (post of the finished stairway soon to come). (btw family room still needs to be done)

This whole house has very decorative switchplates, light switch plates and outlet covers ranging in colours of golds to platinum.  I needed to either work with them or buy all new; my husband liked the idea of buying all new sleek white covers BUT I kinda like the little whimsy in these covers.  So the decision was made to spray paint...I swear since the start of this make-over I have fallen IN LOVE with spray paint!! :)
 And I'm very, very happy with the way they turned out and yes...a lot cheaper then replacing all covers.

With everything that was getting done I still had the most important item at the very top of my to do list still to go.  The entrance way was not going to be finished until I had this item.  I still needed an  Entrance Table. I really didn't have an idea of what type of table however I knew I wanted it long enough to fill the outer wall to the hall closet and narrow enough not to take up too much room.  I searched and searched and every table I loved was over $500...not going to happen!!

So I took to Kijiji and guess what? I found it!!

This piece is made by Greaves & Thomas and was $75.

I loved the colour of the wood and the finishes

The length was perfect for the space

my find in the background :)

prefect! My husbands not to sure about it...but I love it!

 Getting one step closer to making this house our home.

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