Wednesday, July 17, 2013

For The Love Of Spray Paint

As you all may remember the predominate theme is our house decor is GOLD...not by choice of course.
This house is covered from head to toe in wallpaper, trim trim and more trim and of course GOLD.

We have started-up again in making this house a home.
 We are DE-GOLDING with the help of some good old spray paint...

Yep!!  It's cheap, it's quick and guess what... IT LOOKS GREAT!!

Our first go at it with a bottle of spray paint was a huge chandelier in our entry way....which was, you guess it... GOLD .

There was NO WAY that we would have been able to afford the cost of replacing such a massive light fixture so we went with option B, black flat spray paint. (my husband wanted to go with high gloss however I won that battle and we stuck with flat for a rod- iron finish)

The Before.  

We did not want to get involved with taking down the heavy chandelier and the electrical so we spray painted it in place (I'm sure this is not ideal).

We opened the front door for ventilation and sealed off all other doors in the house.
**Warning, if you are going to do this a fine DRY black (or whatever colour you are using) power gets EVERYWHERE.**
It's a huge mess however a quick and easy clean up.

Before spraying we cleaned the light, removed the "candle sticks" and little gold caps that topped the "candle sticks"

and began to spray, 4 cans later, 


As you can see we still have to go back to finish spraying the rope and cap on the ceiling.  We need to protect the ceiling before spraying so close to it.


Now onto the rest of the house...

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  1. I love it, looks aweosme!!! the hubs and I love spray paint! SO quick, cheap and easy!!!


Thanks for the comment love

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